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Teen Wolf (Photo : MTV)

The second half of season three of supernatural series "Teen Wolf" will introduce some big threats to Scott (Tyler Posey) and his werewolf friends. 

TVLine reports that the second half of the season, called season 3B, will have 12 episodes.

Executive producer Jeff Davis gave an inside scoop about the remainder of the season to Hollywood Life

The summer finale of season 3A portrayed Peter (Ian Bohen) as the main impending threat. Although Peter is certainly an adversary, Davis said that he may not be Scott's biggest threat. "Peter is mostly intent on gaining his pride and status back," Davis said. "I wouldn't call him the big bad, but he is certainly an antagonist. ...Peter may find that Scott is a more powerful ally and needs him ... or he may go after him."

Davis hinted at Comic-Con about a shape-shifting fox who could be the biggest new threat in Beacon Hills. Now it looks like the threat will be a lot greater than just one monster. "Without saying too much, there are some new monsters coming into the fold of Beacon Hills and one of the big mysteries that runs throughout the winter season is their purpose for being there," Davis revealed. "We're excited to tell this new story, and I hope the fans like it because we're excited about it."

The upcoming winter season will also feature Issac (Daniel Sharman) and Allison (Crystal Reed) trying out their new relationship. 

"They're going to be feeling it out for a few episodes," Davis said about the new couple. "In high school, you do have different kinds of relationships ... but the constant is your friends, and Scott will always have Stiles, so I liked that we got to have that moment in the end. Yes, Scott is single, but he's still got his friends and the people he loves are still in his life, it's just in a different way now."

Lydia (Holland Roden) will also get to try out her banshee skills, and will spend some time with Scott's arch rival, Peter. 

"You're going to find out a lot of secrets about their relationship, what Peter's bite actually meant for Lydia, and how they're connected," Jeff reveals. "There's a lot left to explore there. ... Right now, we're breaking an episode that deals with their relationship head on, and I think fans are going to love it."

As for the twins, Aiden (Charlie Carver) will try to stay with Lydia as her Banshee powers increase.

Ethan (Max Carver) may also have some relationship troubles with Danny (Keahu Kahuanui). "Their relationship will certainly evolve, and it starts to affect everything," Davis revealed. "It may not end happily for one of them."

Season 3B of "Teen Wolf" premieres on January 6 on MTV. 

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