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It’s time to meet the Mom. At last. After eight entire seasons of living in the dark, devotees of “How I Met Your Mother” will finally close the door on one of television’s most coveted mysteries. It’s the final chapter, and recent details from the set hint at how it’s all going to go down.

There are still plenty of unanswered questions looming over the Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, such as their reception of the Mother, Ted’s locket obsession and Barney’s big surprise, which according to TVLine, will all be answered in the ninth and final season.

For starters, Ted’s attempt to give Robin the locket won’t go as smoothly as planned. There will be plenty of twists and turns as he pursues his quest. There’s no telling what this will entail, but it’s sure to cast turbulence over the big wedding extravaganza.

As for the Mother, Lily is the first person to meet her as she arrives for the celebrations, and they immediately connect on a deep, passionate level as the Mother offers a distraught Lily several delicious cookies. One down, four to go.

Later on in the season, Barney and Robin realize that by inviting so many zany relatives, they’ve created an uncontrollable mass of hooligans that could ruin their own wedding. Such characters include a lovesick Ted, a couple alcoholic flirts and a stranded and discouraged Marshall.

Marshall’s run in with Sherri Shepherd during the season premiere gets him booted off his plane. Then things get worse as his trek back to New York involves “an environmentalist’s worst nightmare.”

The final season of “How I Met Your Mother” kicks off September 23 with a special hour-long episode. Be sure not to miss a beat.

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