First Posted: Aug 27, 2013 04:52 PM EDT

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Alejandro Fernandez unveiled his new album Monday night in Mexico City. The singer received Gold and Platinum certification for the more than 100,000 digital downloads of his latest single, "Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti," as well as a Gold and Platinum Disc Award for the high sales of his album "Confidencias."

The presentation of the new album took place in the newly renovated José Luis Cuevas Museum, in front of a group of fans and members of the press. Fernandez said that the new album will mark a before and after in his career. "Confidencias" is the singer's first album in more than five years.

In his latest work, Fernandez collaborates in duets with Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart and with his father, Vicente Fernandez. "We threw a lot of names of possible artists to sing with around, because we knew that not all of them would be available, but at the end we have three spectacular collaborations," Fernandez added.

For the singer, the most meaningful of the duets was "Me Olvide De Vivir," a track he convinced his father to sing just a week after he was released from a surgery to have a tumor removed from his liver. "My dad is very tough, a very hard man," Fernandez said, claiming that his father is not an easy man to convice. "I sent him the song so he could hear it, and afterward he called me and said that this was the best work I had ever done."

Fernandez could be seen at the press conference sporting a new image, in which he looked thinner and, according to some press outlets, even younger. The new look has fueled speculation that he might have undergone surgery.

"Since I started recording this album, I started a new diet, I've done a lot of exercise, I have found the time to be with my children. I did, indeed dye my hair, but I think what really makes me look radiant is that I have this new project and it makes me very excited," he added.

Fernandez said that although he hasn't done it himself, there is nothing wrong with pampering. "Being conceited doesn't necesarrily make you less of a macho. I am very sure of my sexuality, I like women, and if you do not like something, why not go relax and get a massage."

El Potrillo will be performing in Las Vegas on September 15 to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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