By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Aug 27, 2013 11:07 AM EDT

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There is one major pitfall to watching your favorite show every week. Although it can help you get through the monotonous work or school week, and although it can serve as a brief break from your hectic life, it still only comes once a week. That hour or half hour spent cuddled in front of your TV is magical. You forget about the world outside, throw all responsibilities under the rug. You completely embed yourself in another world. But then, once it’s all over, you return to your harsh reality. You realize that you must endure another full seven days until your moment of bliss returns. The feeling leaves you empty, sick. It’s like you’re coming down from a quick dope fix.

But there are ways to avoid this tragic scenario. More. For fans of “Sons of Anarchy,” that’s exactly what you’re getting. No longer will you cry yourself to sleep at night after each new episode. Instead, FX will air a post-episode talk show called “Anarchy Afterward,” allowing fans to tune in and join the conversation about that week’s particular episode. Each 30-minute installment will stream live on FX’s website after the season premiere, episode 5 and the finale, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although the network only greenlit three episodes, more could come at anytime.

Chris Franjola will host each episode along with “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter and various cast members. The show will follow AMC’s “The Talking Dead” and “Talking Bad,” both of which are successful post-episode talk shows attached to “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad,” respectively.

“Sons of Anarchy” will return to FX on Tuesday, September 10, and will feature an angry and frustrated Tara as she copes with life in prison, and a full shot of Jax’s naked butt.

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