First Posted: Aug 26, 2013 12:07 PM EDT

Sebastian Rulli and her current girlfriend Araceli Arambula (Photo : Twitter)

Sebastián Rulli will no longer be in the Mexican play "Perfume de Gardenia," according to People en Español, the leading actor will star in a new project alongside Angelique Boyer and Luis Roberto Guzmán.

The actor, after spending a vacation in Spain with his family and his current girlfriend, Aracely Arámbula, told Televisa's "Hoy" that he cannot continue with the play, noting, "I don't want to overfill myself, I want to have time specially for my son and my private life. So I'm enjoying the play and I'm grateful with the staff."

The magazine also reported that Rulli announced on Twitter that he had won a lawsuit against TvNotas Magazine. According to Rulli, he was slandered in 2011 when TvNotas reported that her former girlfriend Cecilia Galiano assured she no longer enjoyed having sexual intercourse with the actor.

The result was positive for the soap opera star, according to People, TvNotas Magazine now has to issue a public apology to the Argentine actor. "Justice was served, TvNotas will have to offer a public apology for defaming me in its May 2011 #757 edition," Rulli said on his Twitter account.

He continued, "The sentence was handed down by a Court Collegiate and makes clear that publishers can only avoid publications liability if they indicate the full name of the reporters."

"We'll see if this type of publishers are still eager to discredit people in order to sell magazines," the actor added.

"To their readers, I can only tell you to analyze if it is worthy to buy them, because most of the notes are offenses without reliable sources. That's why they were convicted at trial," Rulli concluded. 

Terra reported that the leading man had his last performance in the musical play this weekend. He will now dedicate his time completely to his new soap opera, which according to El Universal, will be the "Bodas de Odio" remake and will be renamed as "Lo que la vida me robó."

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