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Close your eyes and listen. Shut down all other senses and just listen. The low rumbles slowly build. It grows into cacophony so immense it can be heard all the way from the Golden Coast. It's the burning of the rubber, the tires squealing on the scorching pavement. It's the rumble of a few dozen motorcycles loaded with bad intentions. The members of our favorite club, SAMCRO, are revving up for yet another riveting series. There will be plenty of guns, drugs, sex and violence, but the underlying drama and intricate character relationships are what makes "Sons of Anarchy" so spectacular, and the forthcoming season with ride head on into all of the above.

For fans who are concerned with Jax and Tara's relationship now that the young female warrior is locked up behind bars, your concerns have been duly noted. According to Entertainment Weekly, there will be a major and possible catastrophic curveball tossed the couple's way early in the season. There will be choppy waters between the couple in the premiere episode, but the devastating bombshell won't be dropped until afterwards. SAMCRO's lead couple will have trouble coping with its new arrangements.

As previously reported, the incarcerated Tara's inner beast, which viewers caught their first glimpse of last season when she wailed on Wanda De Jesus' madam, will show up once again. Now that the beast is locked up, it will be interesting to see how she channels her anger and how Jax deals with the consequences.

"It's a big season for Tara," said showrunner Kurt Sutter. "We've seen Tara struggle with the role of being in Jax's life and dealing with what the club does. And last season, for me, it was about her kind of jumping off the fence and deciding, 'Okay I'm going to be part of this life. This is what I'm going to do.' This season we see the ramifications of that. Can she be part of this life like Gemma is and escape all the things that go along with that? That will be part of her struggle and arc this season."

"Sons of Anarchy" will return to FX September 10.

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