First Posted: Aug 20, 2013 11:16 AM EDT

(Photo : Twitter)

Mexican actress and singer, Eiza Gonzáles, could only keep her brand-new single status in secret for a month. The news became public through her Twitter account and received lots of replies of encouragement and support from her fans and followers.

According to People en Español, Eiza kept a relationship with Mexican entrepreneur Pepe Díaz for about two years, and after rumors started to circulate about an alleged infidelity and repeated objections of Díaz, the 23-year-old artist decided to bring the relationship to an end.

"Let me tell you that I've been single for more than a month! I´m happy and closing this cycle because here comes an incredible one that is getting me very excited," Gonzales tweeted. She followed it with another where she said she was excited and motivated by new life projects and a new phase that opened after the break up.

According to TV Notas, since Eiza moved to the United States there was talk that the couple was becoming distant, and it was during this stage that rumors of infidelity started mainly driven by the singer's fans who claimed to have seen him with other women.

Eiza and Pepe started dating in June 2011, according to TV Notas, and since then the problems began. In June 2012, the first drama in the relationship surfaced because Pepe didn't like that his girlfriend was kissing other actors with whom she starred in fiction shows. Two months later, in August, they split again without giving any reason.

The couple reconciled, only to split up a month after, in September 2012. It's not known if this break up is final or if there is still something left in the love story between Eiza and Pepe, but for now the artist is focused on her current and future projects.

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