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There are two games coming out in the coming weeks that share several similarities: Grand Theft Auto 5 and Saints Row 4. The latest entry into the juggernaut GTA franchise, the fifth installment is expected to do blockbuster business, and SR 4 is a game that could become a big success in its own right. While both games are open world crime dramas, each has a unique spin that will allow users to experience very different adventures.

One of the biggest, most notable differences between the two games is the far crazier setting and storyline behind Saints Row 4—you play the President of the United States, who must deal with an alien invasion using a variety of weapons and superpowers. Needless to say, the plot of Grand Theft Auto 5 is much more down to earth, with gamers playing as three interchangeable protagonists as they work together to perform missions in a fictional southern California town. Grand Theft Auto 5 may have some eccentric items in the game like personal submersibles, but nothing can compare to the items in Saints Row 4 such as the dubstep gun and 'Merica gun.

Another big difference between the two games is how the titles are structured character-wise. Grand Theft Auto 5 will have three characters that players can switch between whenever they choose. The three characters will have their own lives when not in missions, so players may suddenly find them in sticky situations. Saints Row 4 players will have one character to play with, but that character is fully customizable, with developer Volition giving players a cornucopia of options for players to create their avatar with. However, Grand Theft Auto 5's online mode offers players to create their own character for the game and customize them in many ways.

Saints Row 4 takes place in a virtual representation of Steelport, but the scale of that city will most likely pale in comparison to the amount of area Rockstar has created for Grand Theft Auto 5. Los Santos and Blaine County are available to explore, which offers a wide variety of environments for players to check out outside of the city proper.

So what game should players choose if they are on the fence between the two? There is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to be a game of the year contender (barring some surprise mix ups). However, Saints Row 4 has the edge in some regards due to its over the top nature. Either way, both games are worthy buys for gamers.

Saints Row 4 will be available on Aug. 20 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be out Sept. 17 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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