By Selena Hill ( | First Posted: Aug 13, 2013 02:30 PM EDT

(Photo : Amanda Bynes )

Not only is Amanda Bynes finally getting the psychiatric care and attention that she desperately needs, but inside sources say the former child star has been making improvements to her mental health.

After starting a campfire in a stranger's driveway, Bynes was involuntarily placed at the Hillman Psychiatric Center in Ventura County for a mental health evaluation on July 22. Since then, a judge has extended her stay at the mental facility to 30 days last week so that doctors could to keep watch over her. The judge also approved her mother Lynn Bynes' request to take legal control over her daughter's well-being and finances by granting her a temporary conservatorship.

However, sources say the ex-Nickelodeon star has made progress since receiving treatment.

"Amanda has made significant improvements, she is doing better than she was," an insider told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. "There are no drug problems involved, it's all mental. She has deep anger and PTSD, which tripped a psychotic episode... She is very ill, but manageable. Amanda genuinely wants to get better and has wanted to get better for some time."

According to FOX411's Pop Tarts, Bynes' PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) stems in part from the pressures of her Hollywood career which began when she was a child. Bynes also has very deep-seated issues with her parents.

Fox reports that Bynes agreed to stay for the extended 30 days the night before the court hearing, as her team expressed concern she may try to leave treatment sooner than what would be appropriate without the court's involvement.

"She is easy to deal with at the moment and agreed to stay," continued the insider. "While she is doing much better, Amanda needs to be monitored. She is on heavy anti-psychotic drugs and that requires constant medical observation. She wasn't able to attend the hearing on Friday because at this point in treatment, she should not be moved."

Insiders at also report that Amanda's behavior has improved and she has been crying despite the fact that schizophrenics typically show a deficit of normal emotional responses. In addition, she's supposedly been confiding in one of the nurses about no longer needing care at the hospital. Even though she likely needs more help, doctors are reportedly pleased she's thinking more clearly.

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