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Obsession can be dangerous. Like anything, it can be healthy in moderation, but when it spirals out of control it can become deadly. It can drive people to do things they never would have even conceived. It can make you lose track on everything that's important. You can become so fixated on a single entity that the rest of your life loses purpose. If channeled unfavorably, it can tear at relationships, lead to insanity and destroy you from the inside out. The point has been made. Obsession is dangerous.

In the season 5 finale of "Castle," fans saw a marriage proposal that could change the course of Kate Beckett's life forever. Since then, they've obsessed over her looming decision. Will she stay in New York with Castle? Or will she leave the proposal on the table and head down to Washington to further her career?

However, enough is enough. Sure Beckett's decision will forever change the course of the show, but there are other characters with pressing matters on their plates that fans have seemed to forget about. Finally, Seamus Dever, who plays detective Kevin Ryan, is breaking the trend with season 6 "Castle" news that doesn't pertain to Beckett and Castle's relationship. Instead, the actor talks about how the prospect of being a father will affect his work.

"You're going to see a lot of choices that Ryan is going to make [about] how he feels about being a cop at this point," Dever tell TV Guide. "We're going to see him a little uncomfortable with being in the line of fire and being in danger's way. It's also going to affect his relationship with Esposito... They're no longer single dudes. Ryan is like, 'I have to go home and see the wife. That's the way it is.'"

With the season 6 premiere of "Castle" rapidly approaching, let's not forget about all the characters that make the show so great. Come September 23, there will be plenty to keep fans intrigued.

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