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Microsoft has released a new advertisement against Apple's iPad as it promotes the Surface with Windows RT tablet.

The advertisement is the second by Microsoft that directly compares the Surface with Windows RT and the iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4).

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The advertisement, which features no narration, starts off with the dimension size, weight, and display measurements of the tablets.

Approximately 17 seconds into the video, the advertisement touts the Surface's ability in having an integrated kickstand and keyboard, aspects the iPad does not have.

The lack of Microsoft Office in the iPad 4 is acknowledged as the advertisement indulges how the user can "Do more." The video does note how the iPad is equipped with Quick Look document viewer, but the Surface with Windows RT has Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013.

As park of the multitasking segment of the commercial, the Surface with Windows RT references how the user can access "multiple things at once" while the iPad is limited to one app at a time.

In regards to connectivity, Windows noted how separate adapters are required for the iPad 4 while the Surface with Windows RT has a full-sized USB built-in.

Finally, the prices are compared. The Surface with Windows RT's 32GB model's price is presented with its new price of $349. The iPad 4's 16GB price is showcased as $499.

The advertisement ends with the tagline, "Work easy. Play hard."

What do you think of the latest iPad vs. Surface with Windows RT ad?


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