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The Galaxy Note 2 will be getting a massive upgrade to the Android operating system that powers the device, jumping straight to version 4.3 while skipping 4.2.2 completely. This news comes from Australian service provider Telstra (via GSM Arena), who released a statement about the upgrade through their support page:

"Samsung have elected globally to skip the 4.2.2 update for this device and will instead go to a newer version of Android. No schedule has been provided for this update."

It looks as though all Galaxy Note 2's will get similar treatment, so this will not be a mere regional move. No word from Samsung as to when this move will happen, or if those in other regions can expect the move at the same time as those in Australia. Either way, it is looking as though Galaxy Note 2 owners can eventually expect to jump to the top of the Android heap when they get version 4.3.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will add a host of new features that will help out Galaxy Note 2 users. One of the biggest is the autocomplete feature that will be added to the dial pad. This feature will guess what number you are dialing; making so users will only have to push a few buttons to get the number they want to connect to. A new and improved algorithm to the typepad will help make tap typing easier for texting, and there will be improved gamepad button and joystick response thanks to Android 4.3. Graphically, OpenGL ES 3.0 is supported with Android 4.3, adding better graphic possibilities to games played on the Galaxy Note 2.

For those who have multiple users and profiles on a phone, Android 4.3 will introduce new restrictive profiles. This means that these profiles will prevent users from accessing some content and apps that the administrator profile blocks, which is handy for families who wish to prevent children from getting a hold of some of the device's content. The other various updates that will come with Android 4.3 can be seen in Android's official site.

Samsung has confirmed in the past that the Galaxy Note 2 will last long enough to be able to get Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, so this news may not surprise some. However, it is welcome news no matter if users saw this jump coming or not. Look out for further updates about the Galaxy Note 2 as this update gets ready to roll out soon.

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