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Nintendo's first screenshots of the Wii U version of Smash Bros (Photo : Nintendo)

Fans have been eating up any and all information Nintendo has been good enough to give out concerning the upcoming Super Smash Bros 4 for the 3DS and Wii U.

So far only one returning character, Captain Olimar, has been announced since E3, though fans are petitioning for Reggie Fils-Aime to be included in the game. Earlier we release a wish list for characters for the game, and now we bring you the top 5 wish list for stages for the game.

5. Meteo (Star Fox 64)- While the previous Star Fox stages have been decent, the Wii U offers more chances for dynamic maps, and Meteo would be a perfect setting for a map With meteors coming down on to on players and dog fights breaking out of the background and into range of the fight on the actual stage, Meteo could set the down for a more active stage for the new Smash Bros.

4. Mine Cart Level (Donkey Kong)- This concept may work better on the 3DS, but would be a similar situation to the Port Town Aero Dive from Brawl. Instead of dipping into a race track, players would have to navigate carts that can fall off the stage like classic Donkey Kong Country mine cart stages. Again, this would reflect a more dynamic stage structure for the new game.

3. Bowser's Castle (Super Mario)- How has there not been a recreation of the classic castle stages from the Super Mario franchise? Even a Final Destination-style flat stage (with the possibility of having players grab an axe and dropping the stage in lava) where players can duke it out would be welcome, considering Bowser has been a staple of the series.

2. Safari Zone (Pokémon)- The shifting Pokémon Stadium levels of past Smash Bros games have been well done in the past, but it is time to shake up the formula. The Safari Zone would allow many random encounters with various generations of Pokémon, which the opportunity for easter eggs and even some Pokémon Snap tributes from players snapping photos of their battles.

1. Rotation of Boss Stages from Mega Man- Mega Man has faced so many iconic bosses over the course of the many, many games the character has appeared in, so Nintendo should recreate several boss stages from the games and possibility include these bosses as part of the stages if they are not trophies in the game.

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