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"Red John Rules" -- Just as Jane narrows down the Red John suspect list to seven, Red John strikes at a victim with links to Jane’s past, on the fifth season cliffhanger finale of THE MENTALIST (Photo : Colleen Hayes/Warner Bros.)

There are times when shows are able to run on a specific storyline for several seasons. However, every storyline must find its resolution. Fans may still be reeling from the dramatic cliffhanger season five finale of "The Mentalist," but new details of the upcoming season may help sooth their worries. The show, which will enter its sixth season this fall, will finally solve its biggest mystery. On Monday, CBS confirmed that Red John's identity "will be revealed by the end of this calendar year." But who will it be?

CBS' logline for the upcoming season teases, "Jane and Lisbon are hot on the trail of Red John but will disagree on how to handle the hunt, which will result in one less Red John suspect by the end of the season premiere episode."

To recap, the list of possible perps includes Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston), Agent Ray Haffner (Reed Diamond), Bob Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan), Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley), Bret Partridge (Jack Plotnick), Reede Smith (Drew Powell) and Bret Stiles (Malcolm McDowell).

When fans last left Jane (Simon Baker) and Lisbon (Robin Tunney), Jane had narrowed down the list to seven, with Lorelei Martins (Emmanuelle Chriqui) confirming the list through a DVD. The DVD not only confirmed the suspects but also "told Jane that Red John was going to start killing again until Jane catches him-or until he catches Jane," CBS recapped.

In other "Mentalist" news, TVLine also confirmed that "Grey's Anatomy" alum Lauren Stamile has nabbed a guest spot in the upcoming season. According to the report, the actress will play Madison Yardley, who is the wife of a murder victim whose body is discovered years after he was first reported missing. CBS also confirmed that actress Josie Davis will make a guest an appearance during the season premiere as Sonya, "a waitress in a truck stop Jane (Simon Baker) and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) visit while investigating the seven possible Red John suspects."

"The Mentalist" season six premieres on Sunday, September 29 on CBS.

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