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Android 4.3 has been announced, meaning we finally have details on the next update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Here's what it brings to the table.

Before we start, however, you might be wondering: "Android 4.3? But the Galaxy Note 2 runs Android 4.1.2 at the moment and shouldn't Android 4.2 be next?" Correct, but recent developments in the Samsung camp have apparently forced the company to forgo Android 4.2.2 for the Galaxy Note 2 and move on straight to Android 4.3. The exact reasons are unknown, but Australian carrier Telstra recently confirmed that the Galaxy Note 2 would not be receiving Android 4.2.

"Samsung have elected globally to skip the 4.2.2 update for this device and will instead go to a newer version of Android. No schedule has been provided for this update," the carrier writes on its Handset Updates page.

So there you have it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will not be receiving Android 4.2.2, and as of now, the rumored release time frame for Android 4.3 is November.

However, there's a good chance that Galaxy Note 2 owners will be disappointed with Android 4.3, especially after waiting for so long. Android 4.3 keeps the general Jelly Bean layout, and simply streamlines a few processes. Android 4.3 contains expandable, actionable notifications, and Google states that the operating system further optimizes system performance and fluidity. Google Now is improved, and Google has added more 1080p video streaming support, but other than that, there won't be much from Google's end. Instead, Samsung should be layering the latest version of TouchWiz on top, meaning the Galaxy Note 2 will finally get all the gestures and commands that can only be currently found on the Galaxy S4.

Let us know your thoughts on having to wait longer for an Android update if you are a Galaxy Note 2 owner in the comments section below.

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