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The summer heat is setting in. There's no escape. It seeps into our skin and embeds itself in our psyches. It determines everything we do and every decision we make. No matter how we try to hide, whether it's in a dark air-conditioned room or in a cold shower, it find us. Soon enough, however, the summer will pass and the cool air of fall will whisp in, providing a fresh breathe of life. With the autumn breeze also comes the return of TV's most popular series. So in attempt to distract ourselves from the heavy heat, we look forward and speculate as to what's in store for the fall's best.

"NCIS" has long been a top dog among fall series, and now that it's approaching its 11th season, it's gearing up for yet another thrill ride.

Fans are still shocked that Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva on the show, will be saying goodbye this season. However, as tragic as that may be, it's important to look ahead to the future. To every end there's a new beginning. Pablo's absence will leave room for another female agent, hopefully one that's as keen and intelligent as Ziva.

According to TVLine, while the details surrounding a new agent remain unclear, executive producer Gary Glasberg informed fans that the show will introduce McGee's new and yet to be cast sweetheart. Her name is Delilah, a "perky, smart, eccentric and downright lovable" computer wiz at the Department of Defense. Not only that, but the role is possibly recurring, meaning that Ziva's replacement could emerge from unlikely places.

Season 10 of "NCIS" left off on a thrilling note, as Gibbs aims a sniper rifle at FBI agent Fornell. The scene fades to black. Then the sound of a gunshot is heard. Upon its return, fans will pick up in the aftermath of Fornell's death and the resignations of Tony, Ziva and McGee. The new team members will indeed have plenty on their plates and fans can't wait to see how they handle the load.

"NCIS" will return to CBS on September 24. 

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