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Much like the zombies portrayed on the show, "The Walking Dead" slowly trudges its way towards its season 4 premiere. It's inching closer and closer. The date is there, unprepared for the zombie onslaught that will rip away at its flesh. Everyday is like a step, and with every step, fans get more and more anxious.

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As the new seasons approaches, fans rely on subtle details to curb their zombie like hunger. Since production began earlier this summer, they've received a handful of cast interview and behind-the-scene clips that hint at what's to come. In the most recent interview with Andrew Lincoln, who plays the adored Rick on the show, the actor opened up about his romance with Michonne and a tragic loss.

"It's been an interesting challenge for the writers with such an iconic figure from the comic book to integrate into this very raw, earthy, sort of grungy group of characters from the show and I've think they've done a magnificent job to date, but certainly that episode last season with Rick and Michonne for me, and also the relationship with Carl, I thought you learned so much," Lincoln said to TVLine. "There was so much breathing space in that episode. It was really compelling and certainly it was one of the first times Rick attempted to make a joke in three years... so rest assured that that is being mined much more. I think there is a deep connection between these two people, but I'm not sure whether or not it's a recognition that they're very similar types. These are people that find it very difficult to trust other people and they're loners fundamentally. Rick is a loner. That's why he identifies with Daryl so much. I think they recognize each other and respect each other."

While he's exploring a potential relationship with Michonne, Rick will also take time this season to hone in on his parenting skills, as his son Carl has become a budding sociopath.

"You meet a man who is trying to reclaim or return to the old Rick. He's renounced that the brutality and trying to control the brutality that's always within him. He's sort of sat back a little bit in the leadership role for the sake of his son."

Lincoln went on to talk about how appalling it can be to see one of his co-star's characters killed off. He continually builds relationships with his colleagues on the show and has a difficult time saying goodbye, even though "The Walking Dead" is known for its treacherous and deadly apocalyptic setting.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC October 13.

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