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There are times in life that call for hasty decisions. There's no time for deliberation. There's no time to weigh the pros and cons. It's go time. You have to make the decision, whether it's the right choice or the wrong choice. Thinking on your toes can be stressful, but it's unavoidable. It's a part of life. It's a skill that some people can perform better than others, yet is equally important to all walks of life. During the season 5 finale of ABC's hit series "Castle," Kate Beckett faced a difficult marriage proposal that put her professional future in jeopardy. Fans didn't get an answer right away, but Beckett will make a decision in the season 6 premiere.

"Regardless of her answer, it is going to significantly change their relationship," said executive producer Andrew Marlowe about Beckett (Stana Katic) and Richard Castle's (Nathan Fillion) tabled marriage proposal. Regardless of her decision, fans should prepare for a romantic season that will include a birth, a new love interest for at least one character and a possible wedding, according to TV Guide.

The primary issue at hand heading into season 6 is Beckett's looming decision to stay in New York with Castle or head down to D.C. In a separate interview, Marlowe told fans that the decision is the easy part. It's what comes as consequence that will shape the new season.

"There are four possible outcomes and each of them have their own particular consequences," Marlowe said. "There's no version of this that's easy and that they live happily ever after - even with the good stuff."

If she takes the job, she leaves love behind. If she accepts the marriage proposal, she gives up a life changing opportunity to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "How can she makes any choice without giving something up? She'll have to sacrifice something," he added.

"Castle" returns to ABC September 23.

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