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It's Comic-Con time. Actors, directors, producers and fans alike swarm the South Californian city to brave the tormenting summer heat and partake in one of the greatest television showcases of the year. Those who can't attend will have to sit idly by their computers and follow the events via live updates. It's not the worst way to cool off, but it's nothing like being there in person, especially when television's best series feature unseen material from their upcoming seasons. Not only will they debut new trailers and previews, but one series in particular will be sharing something even more special.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers at Warner Bros. Television will unveil 'The Big Bang Theory' Artist Series this week at Comic-Con. The exhibit will feature various works of art by fans and artists from around the world. There will be seven pieces on display, all of which are inspired by the show, at the Warner Bros. booth from Wednesday through Sunday. Certain lithograph prints will also be available for purchase at the Huckleberry booth on the convention floor.

Warner Bros. invited artists from around the world to participate in the series. The exhibition attracted artists from Korea, Mexico, the U.K., Italy, Germany and the U.S. Different styles and interpretations of the hit comedy sitcom have generated an array of beautiful art. The studio will unveil the art during this week's events, but it will surely make its way for public viewing on the Internet in due time. Below is a description of the first seven pieces to be on display.

Big Bang Cats by Martin Hsu. The San Francisco artist found inspiration in the peculiar feline characteristics of cat breeds when looking for a perfect match for the eccentric Big Bang characters.

Little Big Bang Theory by Jerrod Maruyama. Specializing in character concept and design, the freelance illustrator looks for the "cute" in everything and found a natural fit with these adorable cartoon characters in an almost toylike Kawaii homage.

Zero2Hero by Dez Einswell. As part of his signature style, the artist draws out the iconic nature of each character, blending both superhero and fanboy imagery.

Doctor Cooper by Nan Lawson. The self-taught Silverlake illustrator found inspiration in Sheldon Cooper's charming and humorous perspective of how the world works.

Friendship Formula by David Zajdman X Munky King. Using Munky King's Omi (designer toy) aesthetic, Zajdman presents his own variable on Sheldon Cooper's "Friendship Algorithm."

In the Beginning There Was Nothing Which Exploded by Richard J. Oliver. The Welsh artist creates a visual representation of the Big Bang characters in the old comic book style fused with that of more contemporary graphic novels.

The Big Bang by Sakiroo Choi. The internationally prominent Korean illustrator and artist was inspired by Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking research, as well as scientific themes found in The Big Bang Theory. This piece expresses the idea that the singular Dr. Sheldon Cooper -- similar to a black hole -- is unaffected by the gravitational pull of everything that surrounds him.

The Big Bang Theory's panel will be held Friday at 10 a.m.

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