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Gamers looking to buy the Xbox One when it is released in November will be pleased to know about a new feature that will be a big boon for the console. A Microsoft representative has confirmed to Polygon that the Xbox One will allow users who buy disk-based games to play the game while the game installs onto the hard drive.

It should be pointed out that all disk-based games for the Xbox One will have to be installed onto the Xbox One, so this will be a very useful feature. After all, if gamers had to wait for the entirety of the game to get transferred to the hard drive before playing, it could lead to a lot of frustration, and could potentially sway gamers back to the PlayStation 4. It is unknown if this feature will also apply to digital download games bought from the new Xbox Live Arcade, but if the feature can work for disk-based installs, Microsoft should be able to do the same thing (at least partially) for the Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 will feature a similar feature for downloadable games, and it will feature the same capability for disk-based installations.

In other news, Microsoft has managed to obtain a very important domain name for the company. and are now the property of Microsoft, according to Fusible. The company had to file a dispute claim with the National Arbitration Forum in order to obtain the web addresses, and is the first console maker to secure the rights to domain names based off of the names of their next-gen consoles. Nintendo has tried and failed to secure the rights to, and Sony has yet to even try to get the rights to

The Xbox One certainly has been in the news a lot recently, both for good and bad reasons. On the positive side, the Family Sharing feature that was removed from Xbox One demos has been confirmed to be returning to the console at some point. Microsoft explained that the company was forced to briefly remove the feature so they could do some technical work on Family Sharing and optimize the services with the new components fans have requested.

However, this news is also paired with the development that European developers favor the PlayStation 4, and are working on more  games for the PlayStation 4 than products for the Xbox One.

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