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Piper Perabo as Annie Walker, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox, Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson, Peter Gallagher as Arthur Campbell (Photo : Frank Ockenfels/USA Network)

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only does it represent the unofficial start of the second half of the summer, but it also marks the return of the hit series "Covert Affairs." A handful of rumors have provided fans with an inside look into the forthcoming season, but now they have tangible proof that season 4 will be one of the best yet.

On July 12, USA Network released an official sneak peek video into the season 4 premiere. It comes at an odd time, as the season premiere airs tomorrow, however, fans are pleased nonetheless. It's an appetizer. It wets the pallet for what's on the horizon. The trailer features spies Annie and Auggie running into trouble in Colombia, and according to Entertainment Weekly, that's not even the biggest bombshell to be dropped in the premiere episode. Watch the five-minute promo here.

In even more exciting "Covert Affairs" news, co-creator Matt Corman recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and talked about the upcoming season.

"We're at a place now where we can really dig deeply into the story and into these characters' lives and tell one novelistic story," Corman said. "It's quite a lot when you list [the reveals] out, and there are even bigger bombshells to come in episode four or five. There will be things coming down the pipeline that the audience won't even anticipate."

Corman went on to talk about the spawning romance between two of the show's most prevalent characters. "The Annie/Auggie relationship is definitely going to be a big part of this season," he said. "Beyond that, we just wanted to look at Annie evolving as an operative. We're now going into our fourth season, she's advancing and growing and becoming a full-on spy. That's amazing but it saddles her with all this knowledge of what this life really is."

And here's a final tidbit of what we can expect from Annie this season in the wake of her new character development. "You've got to turn in to the summer finale," said co-creator Chris Ord. "We're just about to shoot that. It's going to be pretty intense and spin Annie's life in a very new direction."

"Covert Affairs" returns to USA Network July 16.

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