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Telemundo's hit telenovela "La Patrona" came to a dramatic close on Tuesday night with a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

In the final episode, villain Antonia Guerra kidnaps her own grandson David to lure his mother Gabriela to a mine rigged with explosives. The two women engage in a heated confrontation filled with physical takedowns. However, Antonia finishes with the upper hand and a gun pointed right at Gabriela and David. Antonia's son Alejandro comes in to save his beloved Gabriela and winds up shot by his own mother. Antonia then sets off a timer to explode the dynamite but the police manages to save everyone, including an unconscious Alejandro.

Everyone escapes the explosion but Lagarto fires on Antonia as she escapes, rendering her unconscious. The police officers, led by Rodrigo Balmaceda, fire on Lagarto and kill him.

In the hospital, Alejandro remains in critical condition while Antonia learns that Lagarto's shot left her quadriplegic.

Alejandro survives and Antonia is sentenced to home prison for 500 years. Gabriela has her child and saves Alejandro's daughter Lucia with a bone marrow transplant. Alejandro and Gabriela then get married and all of the other couples in the series wind up with happy endings. Only Antonia is left to suffer her paralysis at home with nurses that make fun of her state by smearing makeup on her in a rugged and awful manner.

Here are some Twitter reactions for the ending of the soap opera.

@Your_DreamGirlx : i thought she was paralized as in she couldnt walk but she literly cant move ANYTHING. DAAYUUM . #LaPatrona

@steph96marie : She's paralyzed tho so good shot Lagarto #LaPatrona


@22_Stripes : I saw that punishment coming... Quadriplegia for Antonia. Brutal #LaPatrona

@Penelopee_x33 : I Don't Watch Novelas But La Patrona Tonight Is >>>

Watch the Grand Finale HERE. 

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