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In no time at all, the summer days will be dwindling down into fall. The air will cool, the days will get shorter and holiday preparations will ensue. Some welcome the fall as a blessing, a break from the summer onslaught. Others are devastated to watch their summer freedom slip through their fingers. In order to ease the blow for those already dreading the summers close, there's a silver lining. With fall comes the return of television. Not to say there aren't plenty of worthy programs that air during summer, but most the big guns run through winter, when fans are cooped indoors under blankets and sipping hot cocoa.

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One fall series that should keep television fans from succumbing to complete and utter depression this fall is "Arrow." The hit series is preparing for its second season and as details make their way down from the set, it's clear that season 2 will be better than its predecessor.

July 8 marked the official first day of shooting and fans couldn't be more excited. The first episode will jump ahead four months from where the first season left off and while the first few episodes may pick up slowly, the rest of the seasons promises to be more action packed than ever before. It will take Stephen Amell some time to get over Oliver Queen, but once he gets back on the horse, he won't look back.

Other major characters will take on more prominent roles as the series kicks off, including David Ramsey's Diggle. He'll help the Hood in a difficult time of grieving. With Amell and Paul Blackthorne's Quentin Lance down and out, someone has to. Other characters, such as Roy Harper and Slade Wilson will also be getting much more action.

What's most exciting is the prospect of more DC characters on the horizon. In a recent interview, Amell confirmed the rumors and expressed his excitement for their arrival. Colton Haynes expressed similar sentiments.

"A few of the most important DC characters are going to be coming to 'Arrow,'" said Haynes during an interview with MTV. "And quite possibly working in a team together."

"Arrow" will return to The CW October 9.

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