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Aracely Arambula in "La Patrona" (Photo : Telemundo)

Telemundo's hit novela "La Patrona" comes to an end on Tuesday in one of the most anticipated telenovela finales of recent times.

Telemundo recently unveiled four videos featuring the series' top stars and asked them to describe three endings they would like to see.

Diego Soldano, who embodies the police chief Rodrigo Balmaceda stated that he was happy with the recorded version but brought in some of his own ideas. Among those was the possibility of re-enacting the final scene from "Silence of the Lambs" in which the villainous Hannibal Lector finds Clarice on the beach after escaping from his prison. In this case, Soldano felt that his character would meet up with the evil Antonia on a beach somewhere far away from the small town where all of her crimes have taken place. He also suggested that he could wind up with the two battling female protagonists.

Christian Bach, who plays Antonia, has been very vocal about the ending and has mentioned in a number of interviews that it will feature an intense battle with Aracely Arambula who plays Gabriela Suarez. However, she joked when asked to name her three endings.

"The first would be that I run away with Balmaceda to the Caribbean. The second would be that I go with Balmaceda to Venice. Or the third is that I come here to Miami with Balmaceda," she joked.

On the more serious side of things she added, "I really like the ending. There are two possibilities. On one hand this woman could get away with everything she's done... But I also understand that she is so hated that [the audience] wants her to pay."

She asserted that Antonia will pay for her crimes, but that it will be emotional for the viewer.

"During the filming of the ending, there were crew members that were crying... because the writers made no concessions," she revealed. "You will actually see a character that pays [for her crimes] and I think everyone will like it."

Arambula also praised the writing and stated that she was happy with the ending.

"I think the ending is the best one that 'La Patrona' could have. I would like to congratulate the writers because they developed the story extremely well," she said.

The most ominous comments came from actor Jorge Luis Pila who embodies Alejandro in the novela. The male protagonist has been eternally split throughout the series between his beloved Gabriela and his evil mother Antonia.

"In the original story, because this is based on [Alexandre Dumas's] 'The Count of Monte Cristo...' Edmund Dantes does not end up with the protagonist [Mercedes.] That would have been a nice ending," said Jorge Luis Pila, who plays male protagonist Alejandro. "[It makes sense] because this man made a lot of mistakes and it's believable that [Gabriela] wouldn't forgive him."

Pila also advocated killing off his character, an ending that has been rumored by fans across the internet. "He could die. Like a hero or not. There does not necessarily have to be a happy ending," he added. "This telenovela could have many endings because all the characters are all-well written and any ending is believable."

"La Patrona" is based off the Venezuelan hit "La Dueña. That telenovela came out in the 1980s and also concluded without the traditional happy ending.

The finale for "La Patrona" takes place on Tuesday at 9 PM EST on Telemundo.

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