First Posted: Jul 08, 2013 01:36 AM EDT

(Photo : National Theater of London)

Guillermo del Toro has confessed that he wants Benedict Cumberbatch to be in his upcoming "Frankenstein."

Del Toro told the Daily Telegraph that he hoped to worked Cumberbatch for a second time in a film version of Frankenstein. Cumberbatch and Del Toro are currently working together on the director's upcoming project "Crimson Peak."

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This is the first time Del Toro mentions the project since 2009 when he first announced that he would adapt the Mary Shelley novel. Back then, the helmer had Doug Jones in mind as the monster for the film. Jones had worked on "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Hellboy"and was already accustomed to the heavy makeup work necessary for the monster. However the project fell through and Del Toro went on to work on "The Hobbit."

Del Toro then quit "The Hobbit" and started working on "Mountain of Madness." The project later collapsed and Del Toro eventually went on to direct "Pacific Rim"

Whether or not Universal will revive "Frankenstein" after so many years is hard to tell. 20th century Fox will distribute another adaptation of the book which stars Daniel Radcliffe and therefore it may impede Del Toro's vision to come through. However if the Fox version does well then perhaps Universal will not think twice about making the film.  

Cumberbatch recently triumphed in both Johnny Lee Miller and Danny Boyle's productions of "Frankenstein." He played both Victor Frankenstein and the monster. The British actor has also been seen in "Tinker Tailor Solider Spy," "Atonement," "Star Trek: Into Darkeness," and "War Horse."

Del Toro has previously directed "Pan's Labyrinth," "The Devil's Backbone," "Blade II," and "Cronos." He also directed "Hellboy," and "Hellboy II: The Golden Army."

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