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Carrie Fisher already has ideas for Princess Leia in "Star Wars Episode 7" even though she is still not confirmed as a cast member.

While at the Sydney Supanova pop culture expo, Carrie Fisher spoke about her ideas for Leia. She stated, "Han Solo and I have been unhappily married for many years. And so we speak through the wookiees and use a translator."

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She also said that they would communicate with R2D2 and C3PO.  "I regularly say to R2 'Tell that son of a [expletive] to ***!' And we have children, but one of them looks a lot like Chewbacca, and we use Yoda, who's regenerated on a planet somewhere, for marital therapy. I urge Chewie to get waxed for sure!," Fisher explained.

Fisher continued, "There's also a lot of shopping. Because there's cool things to buy and giant planets that are shopping malls. Alderaan means shopping mall by the way. And then I start sleeping with robots, how about that?"

While Fisher's involvement in the project has yet to be confirmed, it is doubtful that writer Michael Arndt will include any of her ideas. The film is currently in pre-production with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill also rumored to return to the franchise.

A casting call was recently announced and revealed that the film was seeking seven lead roles including a young boy and a young girl.

"Star Wars Episode 7" will start shooting early 2014 in the United Kingdoms. The production team will include Kathleen Kennedy as producer and editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey. Darren Gilford will be the production designer while Michael Kaplan with design the costumes. J.J Abrams is slated to direct.

Disney will distribute in the summer of 2015.

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