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It seemed liked forever. Season 3 ended in the spring and since then fans have been counting down the days until the return of "The Walking Dead." At first, the wait seemed unsurpassable, but now as the long summer months drag on, October doesn't feel so far away. Granted, there's still plenty of sweltering days ahead. The season 4 premiere isn't that close. Still, fans have come to terms with the wait and learned to embrace all that they can in final months leading up to the return of the walkers. For now we rely on details and rumors that trickle down from the set to get by, so to celebrate the glory of Friday, here's a brief roundup of all you need to know heading into season 4 of "The Walking Dead."

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For starters, producer David Alpert recently shared his excitement for the new season. "I think it's going to be bigger, better, meaner," said Alpert. "I think we saw the evolution of the threat. I think sort of as society begins to come back together and disintegrate at the same time, there's going to be more of [the threat of man]... We're going to explore those themes in ways that have yet to be explored. We're going to get a whole new direction coming up in season 4."

And season 4 will kick off with a bang. Episode 401 will be titled "30 Days Without an Accident." From the sounds of things, it sounds like the show's characters have found a way a control the zombies. Doubtful. The title is likely a tease. It's safe to say that the 30-day streak will come to an end come the season 4 premiere. As production began back in May, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the show, tweeted "Episode one is huge. I promise you'll freakout. gonna be SO GOOD."

The new season will return to the prison that we've come to know and love, "We're trying to form better conditions for the survivors at the prison," Walker said. "We figured because we had a lot more people coming in - like the people coming from Woodbury - that the cellblocks were starting to overflow, so we made more room for them. We had to have better shelter, and conditions where they can now eat outside."

Robert Kirkman said in a recent interview that the show would be moving away from the prison at the beginning of the season, so the photos could be a first look at a new pivotal location. Rick and the group are always in need of supplies, and now that the Woodbury residents have arrived at the prison, the need is even greater.

And what about The Governor, one of season 3's most prolific characters? "The question will be answered [in] season 4," said Kirkman. "We always had a plan for this guy. We always knew that it was a bigger story than would fit into one season. There's still a lot more to be done with this guy. We've known from the very first minute of season 3 that we would be keeping The Governor around for awhile."

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC October 13.

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