By Frank Lucci ( | First Posted: Jun 28, 2013 01:49 PM EDT

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A potential source of Half-Life 3 rumors has come from a most unusual of places, Surgeon Simulator 2013.

The notoriously hard game that has become a staple of Let's Play and rage quit videos has an Easter egg that many have assumed was linked to Half-Life 3, until the developer squashed this rumors, according to Gamestop.

What gamers began noticing in the Bossa Studios created game was a note taped to the underside of an object in the game that would only be revealed if the player picked up the object. The note is in Korean, and says "The time is," and then has a series of dots that have people have assumed to be the planets in our solar system. Since this Easter egg was discovered after the free update that put Valve's own Medic and Heavy from Team Fortress 2 into the game, fans quickly took this as a sign that the long-delayed Half-Life 3 would be revealed soon.

However, the official Surgeon Simulator 2013 quickly debunked this rumor on Twitter:

"Whoa! It seems that you've got a little ahead of yourselves! Here's a clue: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY VALVE GAMES! Carry on now..." the tweet read.

While this would have been a unique way of hinting at Half-Life 3's eventual revealing, so far Valve has been very silent on the game. The last piece of Half-Life content was Half-Life 2 Episode Two, released in 2007. Since then, Valve has been quietly working on the third game in the series, as well as a previously planned Episode Three that has also yet to see the light of day.

If this hidden note is not meant to hint at Half-Life 3, then what could Bossa Studios have meant this note for? Perhaps they are hinting at a new game, or they just threw it in their to confuse fans of the game. In any case, fans of Half-Life 3 will surely be disappointed with this news.

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