First Posted: Jun 26, 2013 08:24 AM EDT

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Opinion leaders and policy makers in Mexico spoke up on CNN about the upcoming immigration reform, particularly in what relates to border security.

Jorge Bustamante of the University of Notre Dame, told Carmen Aristegui that increasing border agents means larger human rights violations. Bustamante said that Mexico's answer to the immagration debate was "frustrating" when Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora claimed that immigration is a U.S. "internal affair."

Bustamante said the fact that Enrique Peña Nieto's administration has said nothing about immigration reform, is in violation of Mexican Constitution, because the government must protect nationals abroad.

Jorge Durán, of the Guadalajara University, said that immigration reform is an obsession for U.S. President Barack Obama, because he wants to ensure Latinos vote for democrats in the next election.

Opinion leaders Sergio Aguayo and Lorenzo Meyer said that the Mexican government lacked "political will" to defend the interests of mexican immigrants.

Aguayo and Meyer noted that once Republicans agreed to support immigration reform Barack Obama in exchange for tougher border measures, that Mexico can not consider the U.S., a friendly country. Lorenzo Meyer added that every country has the right to close the borders but that could mean the deterioration of the relationship between two countries.

Former Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda called the passing in the U.S. Senate of a motion which doubles the number of agents on the border with Mexico in exchange for supporting the immigration reform bill President Barack Obama an "unfriendly act."

Castañeda Gutman said that if in exchange for strengthening border the VISA number should be substantially higher. "This is a very negative reform for Mexico and the United States," he concluded.

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