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While many celebrities like Beyonce are making use of technology and the web to make baby birth announcements, the British royal family wants to go for a more old-fashioned way when Kate Middleton's baby news announcement is made.

According to US Weekly, a St. James Palace aide says that a framed wood and gold easel announcement plaque will be put up behind the gates of Buckingham Palace once the baby is born. This was the same way Prince William's birth was made known to the world on June 21, 1982.

The announcement will be printed and then signed by St. Mary's Hospital medical staff, after which the plaque will be escorted by police to the Palace. After it is placed, press releases will be distributed to the media, the report said.

While a digital release will also be distributed, a Palace representative noted that since "the birth of the third in line to the throne... is an extremely important occasion... we want there to be a degree of theatre about the birth announcement."

The wood and gold easel plaque will announce the baby's time of birth, gender, and weight. However, before all of this goes public, a close circle of people will be informed first, including Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister David Cameron.

Of course, technology and the web will still play a role in the news announcement as the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's baby news will also be broadcasted on Twitter, according to GigaOM. Details included in the royal tweet are the time of birth and the gender of the baby.

The third in line to the throne, however, will probably not be named in the Tweet. The NY Times notes that it takes a bit more time to pick a royal infant's name, as it carries significance. Updates will follow the initial tweet of birth.

GigaOM adds that no reports indicate which Twitter account will break the news, but Twitter users might want to keep an eye on @BritishMonarchy.

US Weekly further reports that Duchess Kate Middleton is expected to undergo natural birth in July, unless circumstances require otherwise.

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