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(Photo : Apple)

As Apple prepares to launch its reportedly new iPhone lineup, perhaps as soon as August or September, some new images have leaked of what appears to bhe the iPhone 5S display assembly, giving clues of what the secretive new Apple device may have in store for customers.

The photos, obtained by MacRumors, include several close ups of the purported iPhone 5S display's connector assembly, a back shot of the display's interior-facing side, a frustratingly closely cropped photo of the top front of the display, and a side-long glance at what could be the new iPhone's display. The images were reportedly obtained from a supplier through a third-party iPhone repair website.

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(Credit: MacRumors)
(Credit: MacRumors)


The photos are low resolution and do not reveal a lot of about the look or size of the possible new iPhone 5S's display, but they do seem to at least confirm an earlier leak that hints at a few changes to the new iPhone's internal architecture. The other leak was also an image, which purportedly shows the iPhone 5S's logic board.


Possible matching flex cable connectors outlined by MacRumors/ Leaked iPhone 5S logic board by Macotakara (Credit: MacRumors)
Possible matching flex cable connectors outlined by MacRumors/ Leaked iPhone 5S logic board by Macotakara (Credit: MacRumors)

While initially, few changes were spotted between the iPhone 5 and purported iPhone 5S's logic board configuration (and possible changes remained unconfirmed), MacRumors notes that the iPhone 5S's flex connectors for the display appear to have changed their layouts. Instead of being two horizontal flex connectors in the iPhone 5, in purported iPhone 5S, the larger flex connector has been repositioned vertically along the side of the board. The leaked display connectors also appear to have that configuration, strengthening the case that both leaks are of a genuinely new iPhone product.


Earlier last week, Reuters reported several rumors from anonymous sources, including a possibility that Apple will launch two new models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 5S with a new fingerprint reader on the home button and a budget iPhone made of plastics of different color options.

These are all rumors, so until we hear more from Apple, we just won't know for sure. Stay with us through the summer, as the leaks may increase as we get closer to a possible launch day for the iPhone. 

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