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(Photo : The Pokémon Company International)

"Pokémon X and Y" has its first new gym leader as four new Pokémon have been confirmed for U.S. fans.

Gym Leader Viola (Photo Credit: The Pokémon Company International)
Gym Leader Viola (Photo Credit: The Pokémon Company International)

It has been revealed players will begin their journey in the town of Vaniville, where four new friends will be waiting: Shauna, Tierno, Trevor — and pending if you're a boy or girl playable character — Serena or Calem.

The first gym leader is Viola, a professional photographer, from Santalune City. Players will slowly get to know Viola through her sister Alexa, a journalist for Lumiose City.

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The type of Pokémon Viola uses is unknown, however, she does have spider webs in her gym, perhaps alluding to a Bug-type gym.

Meanwhile, four new Pokémon have been confirmed.

Earlier this week, fans were introduced to Vivillon, a Bug-and-Flying-type Pokémon, but today we meet its pre-evolutions. Scatterbug is a pure Bug-type Pokémon whose capable of using String Shot to lower the opponents Speed stat. Scatterbug evolves to Spewpa, sort of a Metapod from the first-generation, it uses Protect a lot to defend itself.

Litleo (Photo Credit: The Pokémon Company International)
Litleo (Photo Credit: The Pokémon Company International)

Next is the Fire-and-Normal-type Litleo. Touted to be "young, hot blooded," Litleo knows the move Noble Roar, a Normal-type move that lowers the opponent's Attack stat.

Finally, joining the new Fairy-type category is Flabébé. With the move Fairy Wind, Flabébé creates a wind that will be super-effect against Dragon-type Pokémon.

The update comes as a new batch of Pokémon was confirmed this week, including a Dragon-type and Fletchling's evolution.

The upcoming games will launch worldwide simultaneously on Oct. 12 with a suggested retail price of $39.99, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Stay tuned with Latinos Post as we'll introduce the new neighbors from Vaniville Town on June 15.

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