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The iOS 7 on Apple's iPhone 5 smartphones. (Photo : Apple)

A new survey shows Apple and Android users are very loyal to their respective smartphones.

According to Retrovo's Gadgetology Report, Android and Apple owners were "satisfied" with their phones and would not change to another device when they plan to change smartphones.

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Starting with Android owners, 63 percent surveyed said they will maintain with getting an Android device when buying their next phone, a comfortable lead against the 23 percent stating they would jump onto the iPhone boat. Of the Android owners, 12 percent would rather be "undecided" compared to one percent for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

In regards to current iPhone owners, 81 percent would get an iPhone if they have to buy another mobile phone. Only four percent of iPhone owners would make the switch to Android, while a larger 14 percent went undecided. Microsoft's Windows Phone saw a slight boost to five percent from iPhone owners.

According to the survey, a common subject was found between the iPhone and Android owners as both look for a larger screen when looking for their next mobile phone. iPhone owners would rather look for a larger screen, at 17 percent, compared to 15 percent who prefer new features. Android owners looking for a larger screen accounted for 21 percent, while new features placed just one percent behind.

Of the participating iPhone owners, 49 percent stated nothing would prevent them from buying the next Apple smartphone, however six percent stated if the screen isn't bigger then it'll be one less purchase for the Cupertino-based organization.

The data for the survey, conducted via Bizrate Insights, collected info from 3,428 online buyers from May 29 to June 3.

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