By Frank Lucci ( | First Posted: Jun 06, 2013 04:48 PM EDT

Telltale Games has hinted at bite sized content to sate players prior to Season 2 (Photo : Telltale Games)

Telltale's The Walking Dead game, which features several episodic chapters that players can purchase separately or altogether, will be getting a sequel in the fall of 2013. This news comes from an official spokesman for the company that spoke to Game Informer.

"The current estimated release window for Season Two of The Walking Dead is for fall of 'this' year (2013), and not 'next' year (2014) as has been reported after a recent interview. We apologize for any confusion and thank you and all of our fans for your continued excitement for Telltale's series."

Fans of the series have been waiting for an official release date for the second set of The Walking Dead episodes shortly after the last episode of the so-called season one was completed. Telltale has begun releasing teaser videos on Vine, which could indicate that an official release date could be revealed soon. It could also be a teaser for new content that is meant to be standalone content that is not part of season two that would be released before season two.

The three videos released so far feature an unknown character putting up photos of three different characters, Vince, Bonnie, and Russell. The videos are titled "Day 2," "Day 220," and "Day 184". Perhaps these three characters are all searching for each other, or maybe the game will feature three separate protagonists spaced out over however many episodes season two will last. Maybe we will find out at E3.

Hopefully Telltale clarifies if the "Season 1.5" will come to fruition, or if the company goes straight into season two. Considering the amount of awards the first series of episodes received, more The Walking Dead would certainly be welcomed by gamers. At least Telltale has confirmed that the game will be appearing this year, and sooner rather than later.

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