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Sophia Grace and Rosie release first official music video. (Photo :

You could either love them or be annoyed by them, but it doesn't seem like these two cuties are going anywhere.

Youtube sensations Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland, are back on the spotlight with yet another music video, but this time it's professionally produced.

On Friday, Sophia Grace, the ever energetic and bubbly 10-year-old released her first official music video with original song, Girls Just Gotta Have Fun. In the new video Sophia Grace teams up with partner Rosie, who as always dances as a backup but does not say much.

The music video featured Sophia Grace riding a pink toy car, wearing a pink dress and sitting on a pink throne chaird doing her thing. It was directed by Matt Alonzo, who has also worked with the likes of Pitbull and Ice Cube.

As of this writing, the music video has already garnered more than 1.7 million hits-just over two days since its release.

Aside from fans, a number of celebrities have also joined the "cuteness" bandwagon. Singer and X Facto judge, Demi Lovato, already tweeted her admiration for the internet sensation.

"Obsessed. Everyone MUST see this!!!!! Just DIED of cuteness!!!" Demi wrote on the social networking site, adding a link to the child's Youtube video.

While some find the 10-year-old too cute to handle, some find the music video too much; even calling it "disturbing."

Sophia Grace and Rosie created buzz after the two created a home video of themselves (of course, with the help of their parents) singing Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. Since then, the two have been covering popular songs and are regularly on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

While some already find the two annoying on TV, the release of the music video pushes people to think that it is already bordering exploitation. calls the video "the most disturbing thing you'll watch," adding that "it's one thing to have a guest gig on "Ellen," but this feels a bit exploitative to us."

The Hollywood Gossip also shared the same sentiments:

"Is it a tad disturbing, considering the age of the singer? Oh yes," wrote the site.

Watch the video below and decide.

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