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UFO spotted near Edgemoor Barn in California. (Photo : Ellen Henry)

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) may have been spotted in the skies of Santee, Calif. earlier this month.

On May 7, Ellen Henry was out taking photographs of a historical site in Santee. Being a member of the Santee Historical Society (SHS), Henry was working on capturing images of the Edgemoor Barn when she spotted what looked like a metallic flying saucer in the sky.

"I was at the Edgemoor property, in the middle of the day, to take pics of the barn to update the SHS barn logo. I was constantly looking up and around the area, including the sky's background, so I can get it just right, and not at anytime did I see anything in the sky or heard a sound of an aircraft," the SHS member told Santee Patch.

(Photo : Ellen Henry)

After taking photos, Henry said she noticed a "speck" on her camera's LCD. At first, she thought it was a military plan or aircraft, but taking a closer look on her computer, she noticed that it was more than dirt on the screen.

"It was clear and certainly not a bug," Henry told News 10.

"I thought it could be military, but being from a military background I am familiar with these types of aircrafts, and at this point the closest aircraft that is often mistaken for a UFO are the Stealth Fighter Bombers, and that was definitely not one," she further explained to the Santee Patch.

"There is no way this was a commercial aircraft I would have heard it, especially as low as it seemed to be. As you know, we already have paranormal activities occurring at the barn on a regular basis, now this."

For the past years, the Edgemoor Barn has become a famous place for paranormal activity. Once a hospital facility, the site is known for several ghost sightings.

As for Ellen Henry's photo, no one has confirmed whether the image is illegitimate.

(Photo : Ellen Henry)

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