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The fourth episode of Pablo Escobar: the boss of evil starts off with the drug lord escaping from jail and leaving his cousin Gonzalo behind.

Meanwhile Pablo continues to threaten the judge and steals her car away.

Pablo's mother convinces him to return to jail and meets with his cousin and el Aguacil. During this meeting he tries to convince el Aguacil to work with them but he refuses to get into the drug business.

Pablo then subordinates the judges to release him from prison before he kills the policemen who arrested him and judge Magdalena Espinoza announces that she was threatened by Escobar and anything that happens to her is his responsibility.

Time passes and Escobar is now rich and Paty is pregnant with Escobar's children. However all is not prefect as his drug business slows down because his vendors are slowing his cocaine production.

Escobar decides to contact Graciela, a major vendor in the USA and agrees to import cocaine to the USA with her help. They start exporting but the business does not work at first and Escobar decides to buy planes on his cousin Gonzalo's advice.

Business starts to boom with their new business plan. Escobar's child is born and they baptize him as Emilio Escobar. Escobar then buys his wife and child a new home. Meanwhile the police continue an investigation on Escobar as they bring an undercover man on to help them trap him. The undercover cop is ineffective and fired. The cop, infuriated, kidnaps Escobar's younger brother and ends up killed in a car accident.

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