First Posted: May 23, 2013 06:17 PM EDT

(Photo : Reuters)

Morgan Freeman may want to stay away from early morning interviews for a while, at least until he can catch up on his sleep!

On Wednesday, the 75-year-old actor tried his hardest to stay awake during a televised interview with Seattle's Q13 Fox News, but he just couldn't do it. The "Million Dollar Baby" star was on the early show this morning to promote his new movie, "Now You See Me" along with one of his co-stars, Michael Caine. However, as the reporters were talking to Caine, 80, about the film's special effects, the Oscar winner couldn't prevent himself from dozing off.

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Freeman nodded his head to indicate his interest in the conversation before he ended up just nodding off.

The first warning signs occured when Freeman began blinking for long periods of time.  Then the cameras caught the Hollywood star with his head to his chest after a segment of "Now You See Me" aired, making his fatigue pretty noticeable.

Caine continued talking throughout Freeman's mini-nap, but the actor didn't stay asleep for long. Within seconds he lifted his head back up.  After he opened his eyes, he tried to follow the conversation and managed to answer a question towards the end of the chat.

"Now You See Me" is about a group of magicians who use their tricks to stage bank heists and then distribute the money to their audiences.

Watch video of Freeman falling asleep below.

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