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In less than one week from now, one of television's most celebrated comedy sitcoms will make its triumphant return. After Fox cancelled "Arrested Development" in 2006, the show has gained an impressive cult fan base that has eagerly been waiting for new episodes. Now, on May 26, the seven-year wait will come to an end. As season 4 approaches, fans recap their favorite episodes and one-liners, providing a sense of nostalgia that feeds the excitement. And fans aren't the only ones recalling their favorite "AD" moments. In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, the star-studded cast also revealed their top picks, many of them different from their fans' as the actors spent countless hours on set.

Will Arnett, who plays the incapable Gob, told fans that his favorite scene is during the episode "Afternoon Delight," and although it's not exactly a scene, it gives fans a glimpse of something they may not have otherwise picked up on.

"[We] ended up telling half of a joke of Gob saying, 'Are you f---ing kidding me? Come on!' But we told the second part first," Arnett said. "You pick up the scene of me saying '-king me? Come on!" And later in the show you see me go up to the, 'Are you f-' It's almost like they split up that scene and told it in reverse."

Gob's sister, Lindsay Bluth Funke (Portia de Rossi) can't pinpoint a favorite episode, but recalled a reoccurring joke that stood out to her while making the show. The joke, or technique, is called a reveal, which shows the audience something they previously didn't know, completely changing the prior scene.

"It was the entire episode where you were overhearing extremely intimate conversations and then it would pan out and you'd see they were in the boardroom with like 20 people just waiting for them to stop talking," she said. "The episode in the jail where they're talking about Buster and how horrible and terrible he is and he's sitting right there when the camera pans out. It's just silly things like that that are just so funny."

The youngest of the Bluth children, Buster (Tony Hale), also shared some of his favorite moments from the season 1 episode titled "Public Relations."

"They said Buster was neither seen nor heard growing up," Hale said. "And I loved that he was wearing a shirt that perfectly matched the wallpaper. He took it as far as his wardrobe. He was like, 'You're not even going to see my body. I'll be standing in front of you and you still won't see me.' He was very, very faithful to the title he was given of 'neither seen nor heard.' It was just a testament to how everybody on the show was on the same page. That was all wardrobe. Obviously the writers came up with it, but it was just kind of fun riding that wave. Just stuff like that was really hilarious and fun."

Well there's plenty more where that came from as season 4 approaches. The prayers of "Arrested Development" fans will finally be answered on May 26 on Netflix. Prepare yourself. The Bluths are back in town.

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