By Keerthi Chandrashekar / ( | First Posted: May 16, 2013 10:35 AM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (Photo : Samsung)

T-Mobile recently released an Android 4.1.2 with Multi-Window update for its Galaxy S3, but reports are coming in that the upgrade comes with a keyboard problem.

According to a number of T-Mobile Galaxy S3 users, the virtual keyboard shows some noticeable lag after upgrading from Android 4.1.1.

"My phone is moving slower (keyboard appearing second later instead of instantly; the swipe on contacts to make calls won't work) and it's quite annoying. Wish I could get the last version back," wrote msadamas in a comment on the previous Latinos Post article detailing the rollout and its new features.

Scoutingwraith on an XDA Developers forum said, "After a couple of days of using the new version im getting annoyed with it because the keyboard always shows up for up to 3 seconds later when i need to type something. My homescreen folders are laggy as hell when opening as well. I need to ask is there a way to go back to the 4.1.1 official update before the update ?"

T-Mobile's own support forums also indicated that the keyboard lag issue was affecting users.

"Last night I got the OTA prompt to update my Samsung S3 to 4.1.2.  After the update I have had continual problems with the functionality of the virtual keyboard," wrote Wade on T-Mobile's support site.

"This is completely unacceptable.  I am pretty experienced with Android phone and I have been trouble shooting it and I know it is because of the 4.1.2 update.  My phone was working just fine before I updated it.  I have restarted my phone with no luck.  I have also done some research on the internet and this is what appears to be a common problem after the 4.1.2 update."

T-Mobile has not yet commented on the matter, and it is unsure whether the carrier will warrant this a serious enough bug to push out a fix.

Let us know if you have experienced any issues with the Android 4.1.2 update.

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