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New Eevee evolution Sylveon. (Photo : Pokemon)

The rumor of Sylveon possibly being a Fighting type might have been debunked as speculation continues ahead of "Pokémon X and Y."

As Latinos Post reported last week, a video promoting the May 12 edition of the Japanese show "Pokémon Smash" features one of the cast members dressed as Sylveon while chopping at a brick on ice and holding nunchucks. The preview fostered the possibility that the latest Eevee evolution could be a Fighting type, which none of the current Eevee evolutions represent.

The episode has since been broadcasted, and it appears the Fighting type rumors could be put to rest.

According to Bulbagarden, it was implied during the Sylveon segment that it is strong against Ice types but weak against Poison types.

"If this is true, and not just the Pokémon Smash team horsing around, then this is an outright confirmation that Sylveon is a brand new type," noted Bulbpagarden.

As for the nunchuks, "Sylveon" was shoved into a drum, ironically implying a weakness to Fighting types.

The possibility of Sylveon being a Steel type was then tested.


Apparently by exposing "Sylveon" to horrible smells. It didn't work well, either meaning Sylveon is weak to Poison or the girl playing Sylveon couldn't handle the task.

But despite the tasks, the type for the new upcoming Pokémon still was not confirmed.

"Pokémon Smash" Sylveon Preview

Latinos Post will provide video of the Sylveon task when it becomes available.

"Pokémon X and Y" Director Junichi Masuda is slated to appear on "Pokémon Smash" on May 19. His public appearance will be the first since early April when he revealed Mewtwo's new form.

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