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Mark Hamill has revealed that he is insecure about returning to the new "Star Wars Episode VII."

The actor, who is rumored to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker, told Collider, "Part of me is cautious. Saying 'let well enough alone, let everyone keep their nice memories if they have nice memories and don't try to go back and do it again.' But the other side of me, the adventurous side, thinks, 'If everyone's in, how could I miss this?'"

The actor also added that he had faith in Michael Arndt who was currently writing the script. He said he hopes that he "doesn't make everyone want to find us, cut off our heads and throw it right in our faces."

"Star wars Episode 7" is currently in pre-production with J.J Abrams attached to direct and set to shoot in the early part of 2014. Recently, a source stated the film would likely shoot in Scotland because of its beautiful terrain. Abrams also announced that composer John Williams would likely return to score the iconic series; he also hinted that he maycollaborating with franchise creator George Lucas on the new film.

Casting has yet to begin but rumors have revealed that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will return to the series. Fisher recently stated that she is preparing for the role by losing weight and that Disney sent her a trainer. Ford recently stated that he thought it was great to return to the series. He said "Um, I don't even want to discuss that. It's great. Ain't it great?"

Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams have also showed interest in reprising their role from the original trilogy.

In addition to these actors many celebrities, including Dwayne Johnson, Diane Kruger and Keri Russell, have expressed a desire to audition for a role in "Star Wars." 

"Star Wars Episode 7" will be released it in 2015 by Disney.

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