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(Photo : Apple)

A glitch has been identified when typing President Barack's Obama's last name on Apple's iMessage app.

The glitch as seen from iPhone 5 (Photo Credit: Michael Oleaga/snapshot)
The glitch as seen from iPhone 5 (Photo Credit: Michael Oleaga/snapshot)

The glitch only occurs when the Autocorrect feature is enabled and when the phrase "I could be the next Obama" is typed. The word "Obama" has to be automatically typed in by Autocorrect for the glitch to occur.

When testing the phrase, the glitch occurs when texting from an iPhone 5 to other devices, including the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Does the glitch occur when typing other presidential names?

Latinos Post tried it out and it appears Clinton and Reagan's names are safe to display.

Latinos Post has reached out to Apple and is awaiting a response on the matter.

The latest finding comes as Apple allegedly returned five to eight million iPhone 5 units back to its manufacturing partner Foxconn due to not meeting quality standards.

A representative from Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai rebuffed the report.

"It's not true. There is no such incident where 5 million iPhones were returned to Foxconn, and thus we don't have to pay billions of yuan. The quality rate is at [a] normal level. But we are very cautious when making the figure public, as it will affect the customer," said the spokesperson, via ZDnet.

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