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The pleasure geniuses at Durex are experimenting with high-tech underwear that is designed to allow for remote "touching" with just a few---or many---swipes of a smartphone.

So whether you are in a long-distance relationship and in need of some lovin' from across the way or just interested in renovating your foreplay repertoire, Durex's Fundawear may just hit the spot---literally.

Durex designed the high-tech underwear with the intention of innovating sexual pleasure.

"Sex. It's the ultimate pleasure. But what if it could be improved? Durexperiment is about testing new ideas and products to push the limits of pleasure," the condom giant wrote about the new product.

The Fundawear project is what Durex describes as "when fashion meets foreplay."

And so they commissioned fashion designer Billie Whitehouse to design the undergarment component of the remote pleasure system.

"I was really excited to work with Durex on this project," Whitehouse said.

"I think it's amazing what we can do now within the wearable technologies arena."

Whitehouse designed the garments with style and comfort in mind, but also had to accommodate for the tech component of the new product to create what she calls an "attractive piece of technology."

And to display the inventive lingerie in action, Durex posted a video on YouTube---called "Touch Over The Internet"----that shows a couple trying out the device.

Durex is offering a Fundawear trial to the couple that comes up with the most creative way to "play" with the new product. 

And some YouTube users are already putting their dirty minds to work after watching the Fundawear demonstration.

"Imagine if your significant other is wearing this while he/she is in class and the other partner decides to this app..." user iced4life3 commented on the Fundawear video.

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