By Jean-Paul Salamanca ( | First Posted: Apr 21, 2013 08:57 PM EDT

Former WWE Champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will have surgery next week to repair injuries to his abdomen he sustained at WrestleMania 29 on April 7. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

Following his bout with John Cena at WrestleMania 29 earlier this month, former WWE champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be having surgery next week to repair the damage he suffered during the match, announced Sunday. 

The Rock was said to have suffered abdominal injuries to his abdomen and adductor muscles during his match with Cena at Metlife Stadium on April 7, which forced the eight-time WWE champion to miss Raw the following night.

After consulting with doctors last week, The Rock had tweeted that both parties had decided not to reattach his tendons to his pelvis, but there would be surgery required in order for him to recover.

On Sunday, Johnson tweeted the following: "Saw my Dr who had to push my intestines back thru the tear in my abdomen. Kinda romantic. Surgery is next week. #BringItOn"

This new development means the Rock will probably not be available for storylines anytime soon, which could have an impact on how WrestleMania 30 develops. Originally, the WWE had planned for a Rock vs. Brock Lesnar rivalry to ensue the night after WrestleMania, during which Lesnar would attack the Rock onscreen to lay the foundations for a yearlong feud culminating with the Hollywood A-lister and the former UFC heavyweight champion clashing in New Orleans next April.

The Rock has also been slated to appear in some capacity at the next WWE Pay Per View, Extreme Rules, on May 19.

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