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Even though Sony and MGM recently announced that the next James Bond movie would be seen in the next three years, speculations regarding who will play the next James Bond Girl has already emerged.

For the past three films, the producers of James Bond have cast actresses who have little track record or not really recognized as international stars. First they cast French Actress, Eva Green in "Casino Royale" who had previously been seen in smaller films such as "The Dreamers" and "Arsene Lupin."

 For "Quantum of Solace" they cast Russian star Olga Kuryalenko and English actress Gemma Arteron. Both actresses were seen in action films and TV shows but like Green, were not major stars. For "Skyfall" they cast French star Berenice Malohe who was only recognized throughout France but never seen in the US. Naomi Harris was also a Bond girl in the film but was the exception as she already had an international career after having been part of the "Pirates of the Carribean series" and judged "Project Runway."

 As a result, many new and unknown actresses have emerged as favorites to be the next Bond girl. Although Maggie Grace is American and the past films have lacked US actors, she is best known for her work with French Director Luc Besson on "Taken." She also worked on "Lost" and as a result has plenty of experience in action films.  

Another American actress on the list is Olivia Wilde. When "Skyfall" started casting, Wilde was considered among the favorites to get Marlohe's role. Since then her stasis as an action star has grown as she has been seen in "Tron: Legacy," "Cowboy vs. Aliens" and "In Time."

Former model turned actress Gal Gadot is also among the favorites. While she does not have a household name she has appeared in "Knight and Day" and "Fast Five." Born Israel, Gadot would fit the ingredients the past four Bond girls had when they were cast.

Brazilian actress and model, Ana Ventura was also rumored to star in "Skyfall" but was not cast. While she is unknown in the US and UK, she has already obtained the lead role for the upcoming film "Hot Wings."

The last rumored actress and the most unlikely on this list is Marion Cotillard. Cotillard is the best known of the aforementioned actresses but still has the ingredients to be a Bond girl. She has already been cast several times as a damsel in distress in Christopher Nolan's "Inception" and "The Dark Knight Rises" and in Michael Mann's "Public Enemies." Additionally she is an Academy Award winner and her track record could help the film's box office.  

However Sony has not mentioned or confirmed anything and therefore fans will have to wait and see if any of these women will be cast.

The last James Bond movie "Skyfall" became the most successful Bond movie ever made and received 5 Academy Award nominations and won 2 including Adele Adkin's Song "Skyfall."

Daniel Craig is slated to star in the next two Bond movies with Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw rumored to return to the series. John Logan is currently writing the new script.

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