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The competition in "Nuestra Belleza Latina" heated up as the judges could not agree on the participants and argued the whole evening.

At the beginning of the program, Fernanda was nominated because she had the least amount of votes from the audience.

Host Gisele Blondet then introduced Christian de La Fuente, who trained four of the competitors for a scene from Jenni Rivera's new film "Filly Brown." Karina, Marina, Zuleyka and Essined did scenes with Jenni Rivera in which they played the role of Filly Brown.    

The girls also competed for a spot in the 50 most beautiful people for the magazine "People." The four finalists were Barbara Turbi, Vivana, Barbara Falcon and Audris. The winner ended up being Audris and she will appear as one of the most beautiful for "People in Espanol."

For this week's challenge, the judges asked the contestants to act as Anchors on the news and on the radio. The first group went to Miami studios.  Fernanda, Odaray, Barbara Falcon, and Marina were asked to present the weather, health, sports and entertainment sections. They then went to the Enrique Santo's Radio booth, where they interviewed Carlos Ponce from the new soap opera "Arranque de Passion." Then they went on "Despierta America" where they presented videos from Youtube. Julian Gil said they were all tense and did not improve. Lupita Jones said Odaray was the best and congratulated Barbara for helping Marina. Osmel compared Marina to Charlie Chaplin and said she was horrible and told her that even though she was in her group, he wished she would be taken out.

The next group Zuleyka, Karina, and Marisela went to Los Angeles where they had to announce news on the radio. After, they went to the presentation of "Que Bonito Amor" where they interviewed Angelica Maria, Dana Garcia, Arturo Peniche, and Jorge Salinas. They also announced the news in Noticias Univision.  Gil congratulated Karina for being the best. Jones said they all had good questions, but Marisela was clueless to who she was interviewing. Osmel said Marisela was the worst and said she had to learn the names of the people she was interviewing.

The last four contestants Essined, Barbara Turbi, Audris, and Viviana went to New York where they went to Noticias 41 where and presented health, weather, sports, and entertainment. They then moved to El Pacha's, El Padrino's and el Coco's radio show where they presented breaking news. Osmel said Audris was the worst while Gil said she was sensual and very good. Jones said Vivana was great but said the best was Turbi.

The contestants were also asked to race in a Subway contest. By the end of the competition Marina, Odaray and Turbi were the finalists in the challenge. They then had to prepare a sandwich and Turbi won $10,000 for having the best tasting one.

At the end of the show the judges nominated Marina, and Marisela from Osmel's team. Marisela was then voted against by the rest of the contestants.

She then faced off against Fernanda to stay on the show. After the judges argued over who should leave, they eliminated Fernanda.

The next episode of Nuestra Belleza Latina will air next Sunday at 8pm.

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