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With the "Arrested Development" season four release date set for May 26, diehard fans can now turn their attention elsewhere. Perhaps they can focus on the encroaching spring, bust out their running shoes and Frisbees, or even take their dog for a walk in the warm sun, accompanied by a cool breeze. Instead of sitting idly by our computers waiting for breaking "Arrested Development" news, we can get out and shake off the cobwebs, right?

Wrong. There are still rumors of a subsequent "Arrested Development" movie that have yet to be confirmed. So it's back to the Internet.

Luckily, Jason Bateman recently sat down with I Am Rogue to discuss his new movie, "Disconnect," and also gave fans some much-needed news on the "Arrested Development" film.

"The movie is not a done deal yet," Bateman said. "I don't think they've started making the deal for that yet." That's the last thing we want to hear, Bateman. Despite the frustrating news, however, there is still a glimmering hope.

"As [creator Mitchell Hurwitz] was writing the movie, it was too big of a story to fit in a 120-page script, so he decided to put the first act in these episodes," Bateman said. "So acts two and three will be in the movie. One doesn't really work without the other. They keep saying it's a new season, but it is actually a bunch of episodes that set up the movie. It asks a bunch of questions that then the movie answers. So it's kind of a package. Unfortunately there is probably going to be a year, maybe a year and a half gap between the two."

Well, that's a little reassuring. It appears as though there will be an "Arrested Development" movie to follow the fourth season, and if not, something will take its place. The Bluth story has to end somehow. We might have to wait a couple more years, but in the meantime, we have 15 brand new episodes coming our way in May. Hallelujah.

Check out Bateman's interview below.

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