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(Photo : Google)

Google's Android platform is not only competing in the smartphone and tablet market, but it's making an attempt to dominate the notebook market.

Google Chromebook (Photo Credit: Google).
Google Chromebook (Photo Credit: Google).

According to DigiTimes, Google is currently set to sell one million Chromebooks - their version of a notebook - this year. The Chromebooks' shipments are reportedly "small" after being out for three years, but the report noted Google will reach the milestone due to more promotions.

In addition, an Android variant of the notebook is scheduled. With a potential late third quarter or early fourth quarter release date, the "Androidbook" will be administered by the head of their Chrome division - Sundar Pichai.

Pichai is a nine-year veteran with Google, who was recently given the reigns to lead the mobile platform's efforts.

"Sundar has a talent for creating products that are technically excellent yet easy to use-and he loves a big bet," wrote Google CEO Larry Page on March 13. "Take Chrome, for example. In 2008, people asked whether the world really needed another browser. Today Chrome has hundreds of millions of happy users and is growing fast thanks to its speed, simplicity and security."

The Google CEO noted Pichai will do a "tremendous job" in continuing Android's brand.

According to Forbes, the idea of an Androidbook could help Google achieve something the current Chromebooks are not accomplishing.

"[Google can] provide consumers with the best of all three worlds (low price, Android apps and a familiar touch interface)," noted Forbes.

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