By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Apr 01, 2013 01:08 PM EDT

The season four premiere is just a month away, yet may questions remain (Photo : Facebook)

It's April. The season four release of "Arrested Development" is only a month away. The series is set to return to Netflix in May with 14 brand new episodes, but an official date has yet to be announced. Little has be revealed about the cult classic series' return, but with a handful of cast panels and interviews that took place over the weekend, fans got a bit more of the inside scoop.

The list of guest stars that will grace the new "Arrested Development" season dominated the weekend discussions. Guests include Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Isla Fisher, Conan O'Brien and John Slattery, not to mention a brief cameo from the show's creators Mitch Hurwitz and Brian Grazer.

The show's stars also discussed "Arrested Development's" future and what the final so-called "fourth" season will mean for the show. Jason Bateman took the opportunity to clarify some confusion during an interview with GQ.

"It's not season four," he said. "It got misbranded or mislabeled way, way, way back when and was never corrected for one reason or another. There are different agendas at work there, but it is not season four."

Although Bateman has repeatedly stated that the new season will serve as act one to the Bluth finale, and a subsequent full-length feature will serve as acts two and three, other cast members don't share the same optimism for the show's future. During a recent interview with Michael Cera, David Cross, who plays an ambiguously gay therapist turned actor hopeful on the show, said he "[doesn't] know if there's going to be a movie."

The indefinite news and mystery that surrounds the upcoming season of "Arrested Development" and its proposed movie have fans on the edge of their seats. As excited as we are for the show's return, its ominous release and cast ambiguity have fans skeptic and praying that this "fourth" season won't be the end of the Bluths. 

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